Product reviews

Changed Me Totally

February 8, 2019 by Starky

This product has changed my life. I have been using it now for over six months. I have more energy, I am more regular going to the bathroom, my total sense of well-being has so greatly improved. I used to get really sore joints and that has almost totally diminished. I can't rate this product highly enough, it's now the only supplement I take!

The real deal

January 6, 2019 by Alex

Amazing product I don't get enough greens because of my hectic work schedule. This really boosted my energy level and I'm also sleeping better.

BROC SPROUT 2 provides me with an overall feeling of wellbeing

July 31, 2018 by J.Pettinella (VIC. Australia)

My name is John, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2010. At the time I was very unfit, and my sugar reading was fluctuating around 11.5. This was my wake-up call to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I started exercising, changed my diet, lost weight, took my prescribed medications, but my sugar levels did not change. I started adding supplements together with diet and exercise, my sugar levels still did not change.

18 months ago, I was introduced to BROC SPROUT 2 in capsule form. I was sceptical at first, as I felt I had tried everything to help with my diabetes. This supplement, together with the prescribed medication, diet and exercise, has gradually lowered my sugar levels, today my readings are a consistent 8.4. BROC SPROUT 2 provides me with an overall feeling of wellbeing, I am thrilled with the reduction in my sugar levels, I can honestly say I tried everything to correct my sugar readings without success. I will definitely keep taking BROC SPROUT 2 into the future.

6 Months On.
I have continued to take the Broc Sprout 2 supplement, together with my normal exercise program, diet and medication. Recent results from my diabetes specialist have shown continued improvement in my blood glucose levels. I began on a D rating two years ago, I have now dropped down to a B rating. I still have work to do and there is room for improvement, but my specialist and I am thrilled with my current results. Broc Sprout 2 is definitely proving to have a positive impact on my blood glucose levels, together with playing a major role in supporting all of the elements to control my Type 2 diabetes.

Very Noticeable Health Improvement

April 19, 2018 by Brucemag

Between eating right, working out and taking Broc Sprout 2, I've never felt better! My energy level is up, my metabolism strong, my doctor is taking me off my blood pressure meds and my overall health terrific. No question in my mind (nor my doctor's) that Broc Sprout 2 is contributing to my improved health.

I am giving this 4 stars at this point as ...

February 13, 2018 by Linda A. Melilli

I am giving this 4 stars at this point as I have only been taking the capsules for 3 months and have not yet returned to my doctor for a blood work-up. It seems to give me more energy and has diminished the aches I have had in my knees and feet. I am a reasonably active person so comfort is important, especially my feet. I will continue with the capsules until my return to the doctor and will monitor my knee and foot issues writing another review in two months. The product appears to be affecting my body in a positive way...

Highly recommended!

February 8, 2018 by Mrs Lynch

Fantastic. This product works. It gave me headaches at first because it was getting rid of the toxins in my system but now I don't have them anymore. I will keep buying it also to show my support for this company.

I seem to be getting the uncomfortable symptoms of detox like worsening of my headache (back of head)

November 30, 2017 by Becky

I have heavy metal toxicity, especially lead. I am taking this to lower my lead levels. I guess it is working. I seem to be getting the uncomfortable symptoms of detox like worsening of my headache (back of head) , fatigue and difficulty rising in the morning. I will not know for sure until I repeat the toxicity test in a few months. It seems at this point like a good product.

I really believe in this product -- it's made me ...

September 25, 2017 by Bill

I really believe in this product -- it's made me feel healthier with lots more energy. Deinfitely a 5 star BROC SPROUT 2 - Whole Broccoli Sprout Capsules.

Great Find. Great product.

November 29, 2017 by JG

Broc Sprout 2 does exactly what it says it's going to do and so much more. BROC SPROUT 2 efficiently delivers sulforaphane to your body’s cells with each and every dose!.